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Who does Vision Homes Association support?

Many of the people VHA supports have a visual impairment in addition to, or in combination with, other disabilities; including learning difficulties, communication disabilities, physical disabilities, hearing loss or acquired head injury. Over 50% of the people VHA supports have been described as having behaviour that challenges self or services.

Regardless of ability, people need people. This is especially true when one person is significantly reliant upon the support of others to maintain and develop an inclusive, dignified and active lifestyle within his or her home and community.

Multiple Disability may be a convenient short hand to describe the above group of people but it falls well short of describing the individual circumstances of people who require daily support in many, if not all, aspects of their lives.

People with Multiple Disability

It has been estimated that over a third of people with moderate to severe/profound learning disabilities are visually impaired, whilst the incidence of sensory impairment in people with Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy is significantly higher.

Multiple disability refers to people whose intellectual, sensory and physical disabilities all interact to make learning and skills-acquisition perhaps more difficult than for someone with one disability.

People with multiple disability require others to understand how each of their disabilities interacts to compound the difficulties the person may experience. If others fail to acknowledge how, for example, partial sight may complicate the way a person with intellectual disabilities may learn a skill, then crucial learning opportunities for that person may be lost.

People with multiple disabilities may also experience ongoing medical or mental health problems. VHA works with health professionals to ensure that a person’s medical, general and mental health needs are met in manner that enables each person to maintain his/her status as an active and valued member of his/her own home and community.

VHA staff teams are dedicated and multi skilled professionals who are highly trained to recognise and respond the needs of the people they support.

Vision Homes provides the following services throughout the Midlands and Yorkshire:

Registered Care Homes

We have set up small services, supporting a maximum of 5 adults with their daily activities and healthcare needs.  Attention is paid to ensure that these individuals care plans and wishes are taken into account and we work with them towards fulfilling their goals.

Domiciliary Services

As with other services, the individuals living in domiciliary settings are supported to become involved in all aspects of everyday living, and to access facilities in their local, and wider, community.

Other Services

Loudwater Community Arts 

Loudwater Community Arts is situated in Ludlow, Shropshire, and was funded by the National Lottery – Arts Council. Although open to the whole community the Studio is specifically designed to be accessible to people with disabilities. Click HERE for more information.