Loudwater Community Arts

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Art is creative, and adds value to all of our lives in many different ways.  Vision Homes Association believes that people should be able to express themselves creatively in whatever way they choose. Loudwater Community Arts is, therefore, responsive to the needs of those that use it, offering the opportunity to experience and practice the arts through a wide range of media.

Loudwater was set up using funding from the National Lottery Arts Council, and is designed to be accessible to all. The Studio offers support and guidance where no emphasis is placed on finished works of art, but rather on the journey, allowing people to explore areas of interest in new and exciting ways. Many people that Vision Homes support have visual impairments. The Studio therefore, challenges everyday perceptions of the visual arts and encourages people to experiment using all of their senses.

The Studio is not only used by those that are supported by Vision Homes, but is open to the whole community. It offers a welcoming and stimulating environment for the exploration and creation of contemporary arts.


The Studio has worked alongside national and regional organisations to provide workshops and events. It has also been involved in various art exhibitions. Vision Homes believes it has a highly positive impact on all those who access the facilities and is working to build on previous success so that it can continue to offer opportunities for many years to come.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Loudwater Community Arts or would like to be involved, please do not hesitate to contact the Studio or call 01584 877272.