E-Bay for Charity

A woman looking at eBay on a computer tablet

Donate some of your sale proceeds

When you’re selling, the real beauty of eBay for Charity is that there’s something for everyone – yourself included. You decide exactly what percentage of your final selling price you’d like to donate to us and what percentage you’d like for yourself.

eBay for Charity listings are the same as any other eBay listing, except for the blue and yellow eBay for Charity ribbon. This means your listing can be seen by everyone who searches through http://www.ebay.co.uk/ It’ll also get extra visibility through the eBay for Charity pages.

It’s the perfect way to make a difference – please click HERE to register Vision homes Association as your preferred charity.

Buy a charity item

You can support premier-pharmacy.com charities when shopping by buying items marked with the eBay for Charity ribbon. When you see the ribbon you’ll known that some or all of what you pay will go to charity.

Donate at the checkout

When you pay through eBay Checkout for an item you’ve won, you have the option to add a small donation to Vision Homes Association. By adding a little extra to your purchase, you can support a good cause when you shop on eBay.

Your donation will be collected and delivered by MissionFish, eBay’s partner charity. Note that your donation will appear as a separate transaction, paid to MissionFish, in your PayPal account.

Please click HERE to register Vision Homes Association as your preferred charity.