Make a donation to VHA

VHA has particular problems in fund raising because it is not well known to the general public, and it works in a specialist field that does not have immediate public appeal. It is therefore reliant on the generosity and understanding of individuals to raise the additional funds it needs to develop and maintain quality services.

You can make a donation in a variety of ways:

Send a cheque

Send a cheque, made payable to Vision Homes Association, to:
Vision Homes Association, TriGate, 210-222 Hagley Road West, Oldbury, B68 ONP.


payroll givingPayroll Giving

 Consider payroll giving [a regular deduction from your salary to which, tax you would have paid on the amount of your donation, is automatically added].  You may need to speak to your employer about this.


bank statementStanding Order

Set up a standing order to Vision Homes Association – for further information please call:
0121 434 4644


Remember that if you are a tax payer, VHA can significantly increase the value of your donation by reclaiming, from the Inland Revenue, the tax you have already paid. To enable VHA to reclaim this tax, you need only to sign a simple form giving your permission. Contact us on 0121 434 4644.