Become an Advocate

Two hands reaching out to each other

Give practical help to the people VHA supports

An advocate is an individual who builds a close relationship with a person we support and works alongside him/her to ensure s/he receives a quality service and can develop the lifestyle to which s/he aspires.

An advocate could support and speak on behalf of the person on issues including their community presence and activities, medical intervention, the level of care provided by VHA, funding of the individual’s placement and his/her personal finances. In doing so, the advocate would help them work through any problems that may arise, but also would be instrumental in supporting the individual to achieve his/her goals in doing at least some of the things most of us are able to take for granted, and to enjoy life to the full. Being an advocate requires commitment, to an individual, on a regular basis and is time consuming.

If you think you could be an advocate for one of the people supported by Vision Homes please contact us for an initial discussion and further information.