Adults with Learning Disabilities



Loudwater is a perfect place for adults with learning disabilities and those that support them to learn creative skills, whilst relaxing and meeting new people. All studio staff are confident in supporting adults in a full range of different creative activities, whether it’s sewing, pottery or maybe some drawing, there’s lots to do at Loudwater.  Listed below are the groups we currently have running and those that are upcoming for the future that you could join. If you have a group in mind that you’d like to bring along to one of the organised activities or would organise a regular slot just for you please get in touch.

Current Activities

Crazily Creative Mondays
Full Day £30 Half Day £15
Join our mixed abilities adults group for a full-day or half-day every Monday and we’ll help you to develop new skills whilst meeting new people and having lots of fun. The day is very much free-flow with everyone undertaking their own project, with occasional specialised days where we can all try out something new. Come for half a day or bring your lunch and spend the whole day with us; whatever you decide, we’ll ensure you get the best from your time in the Studio, whilst also ensuring that your support gets the opportunity for some fun too. To find out more and book a place please call us on (01584) 877272 or contact us.

Upcoming Activities

Splottery Pottery
Every Tuesday 1.30pm-3.30pm from Tuesday, 10 January 2017
£15 per person
Ever tried your hand at pottery? Why not come and have a go, we’ll teach you all the skills you need to create some amazing creations of your own to gift to friends; yourself; and as we move towards the future, sell. Confident in supporting adults with disabilities we’ll work to give you the opportunity to gain confidence, independence, life skills and work experience, as well as a sense of pride from making and selling some of your own creations. Come and have fun getting messy with clay. Call us on (01584) 877272 or contact us to book a place and find out more.

Sew and Craft
Alternate Tuesdays 10.30am-12.30pm from Tuesday, 10 January 2017
£15 per person
Each session will look at learning a new craft, from sewing and knitting to creating a sculpture with mod-roc, there’s lots for you to enjoy. This group will provide adults with learning disabilities with the opportunity to try their hands at many kinds of creative work, whilst learning new skills and gaining more and more confidence as the weeks go by. We only meet once a fortnight so you have the chance to go home and try out your new skills before learning something else. A perfect way for you to make all your presents for friends, family and of course a treat for yourself. Call us on (01584) 877272 or contact us to find out more and book your place.